A Day in the Life…

There are so many places where an athletic trainer can work. I thought it would be fun to share a glimpse into my typical day as an athletic trainer! Some of what I do is very unique and new to the profession.With that said this is a day in my life…


7 am-12 pm: Observe Surgery

  • On surgery days I assist in prepping the patient for surgery. I do not scrub in so I help the surgical nurses, PA, and surgeon tie up their gowns. I then watch the  surgery and learn different techniques and procedures. Once the surgery is complete I help transfer the patient to the recovery area. I also help clean and sanitize the operating room for the next case.
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2:30-7ish pm: Work at Ponderosa High School

  • At the high school I assist in evaluations of any injured athlete. I help cover all in season sports teams. I design rehab protocols for injured or post operation athletes. My other responsibilities include mentoring the student athletic           trainers and help teach them about the athletic training profession.
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8:30-12:30pm: Assist in Clinic @ Steadman Hawkins Clinic

  • On clinic days I assist in rooming patients, taking their medical histories, and ordering proper imaging. I also assist in dressing changes and suture removals for post operation patients.
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2:30-7ish pm: Work at Ponderosa High School

  • Some of my basic responsibilities include setting up water and Gatorade for every team that is practicing. As well as I perform daily duties such as laundry and keeping the athletic training room a clean medical facility.
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8:00-12pm: Observe Surgery


2:30-7ish pm: Work at Ponderosa High School

  • As an athletic trainer we have to document any injury or treatment that is given to an athlete. This is done when we have down time in between seeing athletes.


8:30 am- 12pm: Assist in Clinic @ Steadman Hawkins Clinic



2:30pm-7ish pm: Work at Ponderosa High School


2:30pm- 10pm: Work at Ponderosa High School

  • Typically Friday nights in the fall includes covering the varsity football game. The head athletic trainer travels to all home and away games but I will assist in coverage during home games.


8:00 am- 12 pm: Work at Ponderosa High School

  • During the fall season this includes covering JV and Freshman football games. I also will see any injured varsity athlete for treatment. In the winter Saturday morning I am covering basketball practice.
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In the evening when I finish at Ponderosa I come home and work on completing my master’s degree.

An athletic trainer in the physician setting is a relatively new profession. The NATA (National Athletic Trainer’s Association) has some great resources explaining the position and the financial benefit an athletic trainer can bring to an orthopedic clinic (1).


  1. Physician Satisfaction With Residency-Trained Athletic Trainers as Physician Extenders